Sauna rituals

We offer to experience sauna ritual skilled pedestrian and that, who want to get to know mysterious world of sauna - couples, friends, family, ourselves individually and for groups up to 15 people.

Ziedu saunas ritual includes:

  • Skin care procedures with natural peeling
  • Energy swat procedure with scented birch besom and the power of the word
  • Relaxing massage with honey
  • To cool in pond
  • Herbal teas abd fruit plate

Sauna ritual prices:

For one person                            70 Eur
For two persons                           110 Eur       55 Eur/pers.
For three persons                        165 Eur       55 Eur/pers.
For four persons                          220 Eur       55 Eur/pers.

Experienced  attendant make Pirtīžas (special ancient Latvian ritual, what helps mummy to  regain again thyself,  what greets a baby into this world as individual, as individual  human being, what  allows mummy to concentrate all the forces of her baby's consecration, and finally to the baby and mother helps physiologically "to get ready"): a gift from the heart for sauna and saunas attendant.

Every second tuesday from 18:00 till 22:00 is organized special Ziedu saunas day (saunas tea, a scrub, birch besom, varios sauna's greens, honey):
1 person: 15 EUR.

If sauna's participants is more than 5 persons, then in addition to the sauna attendants are invited
Sauna's rent (till 10 persons) 15 EUR/h

Sauna's rent with sleeping (till 4 persons): 70 EUR/night (from 14:00 till next day 12:00)
If sauna's ritual participants want to stay in rest house, then +15 EUR from each guest.

Take care of your well-being Ziedu sauna knowledgable and proffesional attendant Evija Bernava - Latvian sauna's attendant in SPA Ezeri and Ziedu sauna saunas, year 2013 Saunas conference "Latvian sauna traditions in the family" lecturer.